Kitchen Plastic Storage Box Fresh-Keeping Box Refrigerator Fruit Vegetable Drain Crisper Kitchen Storage Containers With Lid

Material: PET + PP + TPR
Capacity: 0.48L, 1.7L, 4.5L
  1. Wash + drain + keep fresh, making you more convenient and making your family healthier.
  2. During special periods, the fruits and vegetables should be kept fresh and clean!
  1. The number of products is one. If you need more please purchase more.
  2. This product does not contain bisphenol A and phthalate. Keep you and your family healthy and safe.
  3. Double packaging to ensure the safe arrival of products.
  4. The marks on the product cover and box are the marks left by injection molding and demoulding, which is not a product quality problem.
  5. In the special period, we choose the best quality logistics to ensure that the goods arrive quickly.
Packing list: 1pcs* storage box

The freshness you want is sealed in the fresh-keeping box, and the three functions of washing + draining + fresh-keeping are available to enjoy freshness every moment.


Food-grade materials are safe and healthy, using raw material resin material PET + PP + TPR, smooth without burrs, no odor, strong and durable.


Double-layer drain basket design, one-step drain preservation. It's easy to save trouble, and you don't have to turn the food upside down.


Built-in partitions, classified and fresh, can be separated either left or right, or up and down. (Note: S size without partition)


Humanized bottom water outlet, when the water is gathered at the bottom, open the outlet plug to drain. (Note: S size does not have drain holes)


Product analysis allows you to understand the product more comprehensively. The details show that the drain bracket avoids soaking, and the built-in rubber ring strengthens the preservation.